"Changin' My Mind" -- The Movie 
-- First sketch.
-- Names can be re-worked.
-- Script drafting and editing to come.


SCENE 1: [West Main Street Street Durham. Front steps of Satisfaction.]

Pickell: "Well, I'll be dog--there's Proctor, gazing out to the sunset in the West again like he always does. Wonder where he's thinking about going this time?"

Duvall: "I don't know, but last time he was talking about how Tennessee is just out there over the horizon."

Karl: "Yeah, how can I forget? He was saying: 'I could be in Knoxville or Nashville in no time--even might go all the way to Memphis...'"

Duvall: "Hey Proc! You dreamin' up another one of those Western rides? You know, you're going to have to make up your mind whether you want to go out there or stay around here and finish this job we're doing."

Proctor: "Yeah, I know. But this time, I have an idea that will really work. All I've got to do is hitch up the wagon and head 'er on out to..."

Pickell: "Let me guess: Missouri or Arkansas..."

Karl: "No, I think he wants to go learn mandolin in Kentucky..."

Duvall: "I'll bet he's got his heart set on West Virginia..."

Proctor: "Kansas, boys! We'll all go out to Kansas and raise the roof! There's a guy at the newspaper in Wichita who says I should come out a talk about the paper. Bet'cha I can land a job at the Eagle. Why, it's right next door to Winfield where all those flat-top guitar players get together every year."

Pickell, Duvall and Karl: "Kansas! He wants to go ridin' all the way to Kansas!"

Proctor: "Yeah boy, and we'll stir such up a ruckus that even Roy Williams might hire us to play! I'm talking Lawrence, Wichita, Abilene..."

Pickell: (Mimicking George Hamilton IV:) "'Prettiest town I've ever seen...'"

Proctor: "And Manhattan! Don't forget Manhattan."

Duvall: "My kind of town: Broadway, movies, fine dining--I'll go get my top hat and dancing shoes..."

Proctor: "No, Manhattan, Kansas! Wheat fields, country & Western music and Kansas State University!"

Karl: "Yeah, but who's going to fill in for you in the band while you're out there Jawhawkin' and Wildcattin' with all those sunflowers?"

Proctor: "That's an easy call, gang. Just get that hot-rod guitar man playing across the street at the James Joyce, Jimmy Lee Gibson. Why, there he comes now--he must be taking a break."

Jimmy Lee: "Hey guys, what you are you doing on Main Street? I thought you would be gigging in Chapel Hill tonight."

Pickell: "Proctor here is talking about ridin' out to Kansas. We need you to step in and do some shows for us."

Jimmy Lee: "Why, it'd be a pleasure, fellows. When's the next gig?"

Duvall: "As soon as Proctor leaves town."

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