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Changin' My Mind

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Track Time: 4:09
The Waning Heart -- 2001 Joseph Swenson
Joe Swenson - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
David McKnight - Viola

Music and Lyrics ©2001 Joseph Sweonson

Cats on quilts on rocking chairs
Seams that sometimes meet
Left unmended, start to tear
Remains in pieces lying at your feet

Knick knacks placed on worn out shelves
The treasures of the day
Left untended find themselves
On the ground in broken disarray

Lives that choose a common path
But share no common ground
Struggle to find happiness
Discovering they’ve lost more than they’ve found
Than they’ve found…

Takes more than a warm embrace
To keep this love alive
So much we forgot along the way
You’ve got your fantasies
And baby, I’ve got mine
So why do we lie down after the day…
And turn the other way?

Cats on quilts on rocking chairs
Seams just fall apart
Nothing left for you to mend
Never more to warm the waning heart..