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Changin' My Mind

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Song Credits:



Track Time: 2:44
Block and a Half -- 1979 David McKnight
David McKnight - Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano
Bill Cleaver - Guitar, Banjo
Joe Swenson -Bass
Robert Smith - Harmonica
Bill Erchul - Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar
Tim Rae - Percussion

Songs Notes:

The first fiddle tune I ever wrote. This Southern bluegrass hoedown celebrates life in the late '70s and early '80s on Albemarle Street in Durham, N.C., near the East Campus of Duke University

We would scamper up the street a block and a half to Durham's West Main Street to meet friends at a favorite gathering place known as The Ivy Room.

Or we would head down the street and around the corner a block and a half in the opposite direction to Gregson Street and then on to the nearby Durham Athletic Park, where the Durham Bulls played their home baseball games until the team moved several blocks away to the new Durham Bulls Athletic Park in the 1990s.

But beyond these fond scenes of neighborhood living back in those times, the drive, cadence and joy of "Block and a Half" can represent any happy-go-lucky walk or run when you get that extra kick that comes with knowing you're about to reach the last block befeore your final destination.

-- David McKnight