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Back Home Again

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Track Time: 3:44
Honestly -- © 1988 Joseph Swenson
Joe Swenson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth
David McKnight - Violin, Electric Guitar
Bill Cleaver - Electric Guitar
Mike Serafin - Drums

Music and Lyrics ©1986 Joseph Swenson

You and I, we're different
That's not likely to change
A;ways playing opposites
In the same old games
But none of that ever really mattered
And this you know is true
That when it comes to lovin' me
No one else could ever do...

Don't you know what you meam to me
All the years we spent
Getting ourselves up on our feet
Always trying to make ends meet
What more can I do
But tell you I love you, Honestly...

You were what I always said that I wanted
It seemed at times I didn't know
what that was
Although ther may be things
The things we don't share in common
Have pulled us through
What more could we want,

I don't know ehat comes over me
WHy do I let the little things get in the way
It's what we do not what we say
Let's leave the world behind
And let our love make us blind