Back Home Again - is dedicated to our spouses and significant others, Debbie, Julia, and <insert current girlfriend here> , who have supported us, inspired us and put up with our passion and our incessant practicing, playing, and recording the same songs in close quarters for unending hours. Thank-you Dear for not murdering me in my sleep after asking for the hundredth time how the mix is sounding. Many thanks to all the bars, restaurants and bookstores we played at over the past 17 years that are coincidentally no longer in business. Among those we fondly remember Clarence's, 9th Street Bakery, Columbia Street Bakery, Bread & Board Cafe, Rue Biene Ville, Val's Upstairs Lounge, Alligator Alley, 9th Street Bar & Grill, Papagayo, and McDibb's. Some of whom are perhaps still in business but have long since stopped returning our phone calls. Special thanks to Sherry Kinlaw of Francesca's for a fine ice cream and a place to show off our new CD. And thank you for not changing your mind after reading the last paragraph.. Thanks to the City of Charlotte, the Charlotte Symphony, and most of all for continuing support: Livin'room Taylor, wherever he may be!And finally, to Sarah without whose encouragement and support this CD might never have been made! Thank you ALL!

-- Bill, Robert, Joe and David